News: Indian skeptic faces 3 year prison sentence for explaining dripping crucifix

Catholics in Mumbai are outraged at a skeptic who pointed out that their latest miracle was full of it . . . literally. The local Catholics spotted water dripping from a crucifix in Mumbai’s western suburbs. They eagerly lapped up the “miracle water”, thinking it had magical powers. Sanal Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist ...

Discontinuation :-(

Due to certain constraints, we may not be able to bring out Indian Skeptic any more. May2011 was probably the last last issue of the ezine.

April 2011

Cover Stories: Baba Ramdev: Yogi or Commissar? The Bhagwan of Puttaparthi Astrology to Improve Productivity! Issue No. 02/04 (PDF)

January 2011

Cover Stories: Incarceration of Binayak Sen The Super Intelligent Superstitious Arguments for God in Classical Indian Philosophy Issue No. 02/01 (PDF)