A majority of people don’t Think

Here’s two videos that show beyond doubt, how a majority of people are so gullible to the mindless faiths and claims of religions across the globe. Watch these videos and Think (If you’re still capable of thinking, that is)…

March 2011

Cover Stories: 60th Birthday Celebrations of Narendra Nayak Gujarat Carnage: Modi and SIT Makara Jyothi: Lies and Damned lies Issue No. 02/03 (PDF)

Power of superstition!

The article ‘Tower of inspiration‘ (Jan 24, 2011) made for an amusing reading. However, the article harps on certain themes without actually verifying the veracity or atleast, providing a scientific evidence of the claims of ‘Pyramid energy’. Before I venture further into the topic, let me say this at the outset: it would be very ...

November 2010

Cover Stories: Selections from Science Vs. Miracles An Atheist’s Marriage Issue No. 01/11 (PDF)

What about moderate/liberal theists/theism?

Many people argue that atheists pick on all theists when the fundamentalist/extremist ones are mostly at fault and the majority of theists are more benign and beneficial to society. This is wrong. ALL theists and ALL forms of theism are harmful and destructive. The points outlined above are not specific to fundamentalist extremists; They are ...